Establishing Online Presence

How Touchstone Softworks can help develop your site

Building your own website and establishing your brand's online presence can be a challenge whether you're an individual, a start-up organization, or even a well-established businesses. In fact, just under half of web developers have found that user experience, perhaps the most important aspect of your site, can often be the most difficult part to get right. At Touchstone, we understand these challenges and how to overcome them. We use our technical expertise and creativity to build websites, apps, and custom software with clean designs and intuitive user interfaces — software that is, above anything else, effective.

Our Mission

As professionals with extensive backgrounds in web and mobile software development, quality assurance, and data management, we've experienced our share of pain points while working with inefficient and inadequate software products, and we want to challenge the notion that "third-party" means "inflexible". Our mission is to create quality software, custom-designed to match specific needs, built on reliable and scalable technologies, with an intuitive design that gives its users an efficient and satisfying experience.

It's not always about simple solutions; at Touchstone, we believe in targeted solutions. As the technological landscape evolves, we stay ahead of the curve so that we can evaluate new ideas and pinpoint exactly the right way to handle a particular problem. First and foremost, however, we believe in quality, and no matter how much buzz a new technology has, we prefer reliable and stable over novel and disruptive.

Enhance Your Presence

Sometimes, it's not about creating something new, but about improving your existing online presence. Some of the most common web design issues business organizations struggle to find solutions for include:

  • Poor user interface design
  • Low search engine rankings
  • Difficult to find useful content
  • Inconsistent navigation
  • Not usable on all devices
  • No interactivity
  • Lack of analytics with measurable goals

Addressing these issues is no simple matter. You can't just flip a switch and change a poorly designed experience into a responsive, intuitive UI. And if you're not using any kind of analytics to examine user behavior, you might not even be aware of the problems. But that's where we come in — our experience with the web ranges from small, local business sites to massive online destinations with millions of hits per day. We can help identify, plan, and implement exactly the type of improvements your site needs to get to the next level.

Get in Touch

We want to hear from you! Let us know what challenges you're facing with your own website or app development, and drop us a line to see how we can help.